Slava Stolyar


Agritours in the tranquil life!


We are

    Me, my wife Iren and my daughter Arina invite you to our peaceful spot —  between the beautiful mountain Issyk Lake and near to the National Museum of Golden Man to experience life’s slow rhythm – and to relish the company of our warm, honest and lovely family.
    You may try some kinds of ours craft cheeses with raw wines.
    My wife Iren prepares tasty homemade seasoned dishes. It’s so delicious and healthful.
    We have two comfortable lounge zones. One with the pond and other with the fireplace.
Please come in!
   We are located near to The National Museum of The Golden Man(800 m.)

Our offers

    Also we have mountain bicycles and have developed a wonderful calm route. From the our house through the territory of Saka(Sai) Mounds, nice farm fields, to the mountain river — which has a beautiful view of the valley. If you want to know more about Sai Lands, view here —>
    You may choose what you want in your personal tour. Will it be just a tasting of Cheese and Wine, or you want to have a long dinner on the terrace, with local products cooked in a wood burning stove and a light trip on bicycles too.
    We are flexible to your wishes.
    Contact with me by WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and  I will answer for every questions about the number of guests, timing and others.

We are located

  Issyk city, Dachi area, Zemlianichnaya str. 15 43°23’23.6″N 77°24’17.6″E 9CQ4+W3 дачи

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